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Thousands of my readers and clients have asked me to write all my knowledge, secrets, keys and shortcuts into a book, so here it is … my Life Success Secrets Course.
Life Success Secrets by Stephen Shaw
Life Success Secrets Course offers practical secrets, keys and techniques, and 'how-to' tools, based on advanced esoteric knowledge and real-world experience so you can radically and profoundly transform your life!! Everything has been tried and tested and honed and refined by me over four decades. I have had hundreds of fulfilled and thrilled clients over the last decade. Read the Client Testimonials at my website. Life Success Secrets Course covers these topics: Health, Wealth, Business, Discovering The Magic of You, Reality Creation, Manifesting Your Dreams, Motivation, Work, Harmonising Your Life, Happiness, Love, Relationships, Tantra, Spirituality, Mysticism ... and plenty more!!
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Greetings from Stephen Shaw
Author of 12 best-selling, life-changing books
Stephen Shaw
Photo taken in January 2021
Discover the Secrets and Keys To Manifesting Reality and Creating Your Dream Life!!

Welcome to the Life Success Secrets Course.

This Course is a way to change your entire life over a few weeks!

For those of you who do not yet know me ... I am a Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Energy Healer, Shaman, Tantra Master, Body-Mind-Spirit and Transcendent Life Coach, and Author of 12 best-selling spiritual, mystical and life-transforming books.  Website:

From a young age, I was having psychic and clairvoyant experiences which no-one could explain to me. I lost my mother when I was 5 years old, and my father was a rational, pragmatic atheist, so I learned to keep my unusual and profound experiences to myself.

At 11 years old, I found a pamphlet for Transcendental Meditation. I was strongly drawn to this and harrassed my father until he finally relented and paid for a teacher. She was a wonderful elderly lady who showed me the principles and gave me my first mantra. I practiced TM every morning and evening. Soon I was spontaneously grieving. I cried for two weeks, greatly worrying my father. Despite his requests, I would not quit meditating. The grieving abated and I started having incredible psychic and spiritual experiences. One morning I was sitting with my eyes closed when a silver dot appeared in the distance; then it rushed toward me and exploded into my forehead (third eye chakra). I did not understand what was happening. Eight beings of Light would often surround me; I had no terms of reference so I just called them 'the good guys'. I began experiencing profoundly deep peaceful states. However, with nobody to share all these experiences, I developed into a quieter, introspective child.  
When I was 15 years old, I decided that my mission in life was to find all the secrets and keys for a fulfilling, successful and awesome life, and to understand this mystery of Existence, then share all that sacred knowledge with the world in order to improve the quality of everyone’s life.

Here is a brief synopsis of my life: I was born in South Africa, a country with eleven passionate tribes, an exquisite natural environment, awesome wildlife and delicious food. School bored me to tears (the only subject I enjoyed was English, especially writing). At 18 years old, I was drafted into military service (compulsory in S.A.); I spent two years in the Marine Corps. It was a great place to acquire the valuable skill of discipline. After that, I qualified as a Commercial Diver and chose to work on the west coast of South Africa, diving for diamonds in the cold Atlantic Ocean. Yes, that’s a thing! I loved being underwater; it felt completely natural to me. When an unusual weather pattern was predicted to shut down offshore diving for 6 months, I enrolled in the University of South Africa. Seven years later I had two degrees, majoring in Psychology and Communication. I absolutely loved university because I could choose my subjects. I spent a few years in the business world (specializing first in Sales and Operations, then in Human Resources and Training and Development). I was happily married for a few years too! Eventually I relocated to the United Kingdom (England) and established my own Learning and Development Consultancy and also a psychotherapy practice. I was always learning: post-graduate courses and hundreds of books covering many topics. One day I realized that what I had was not enough. I made some very hard decisions. At 42 years old, I walked away from everything. For the next ten years I travelled the world and immersed myself in the absolute highest learning possible. I worked with sangomas in Africa, learned from shamans in Peru and Mexico, spent time with lamas in Tibet and the Kingdom Of Bhutan, and was guided at all times by a radical cosmic being called Jay (see the cover of my book Reflections). I also spent years immersed in exhilarating Tantra with a fabulous French teacher. I opened a spiritual tourism business, meeting with worldwide trippers seeking to heal with Peruvian shamans. I searched in every nook and crevice until I found the keys to success, fulfilment, peace and bliss. Over years, I experienced diverse potent healing technologies, dived deep into consciousness-shifting, surfed incredible sacred multi-dimensions, and I discovered the true nature of LIFE!! Along the way, I wrote 12 best-selling books: 10 novels infused with profound spiritual teachings and 2 awesome life guides. That's the life I lived!!

I am now 53, and settled in Los Angeles. My partner is the most loving, wonderful woman I have ever met. She is the final piece of my life-fulfilment puzzle. I am immersed in love, music, affection and deep soul connection. I have never had children, but we have cuddly dogs and cats. I have achieved all my dreams and I am deeply grateful for the awesome life I live every day!!

My life purpose is Teaching, Transforming, Giving. The charities we support are Feeding America, Action Against Hunger, Oceana, Wildlife Conservation Society and Operation Underground Railroad.

​Thousands of my readers and clients have asked me to write all my knowledge, secrets, keys, tools and shortcuts into a Course, so here it is … my Life Success Secrets Course.

The longer I have lived, the more it has become clear: There are secrets and shortcuts to everything. There is no reason to struggle through life, nor to do things the hard way. That doesn’t mean that you can lay on the couch, hoping desperately for a miracle to fall from the sky, but it does mean there are more effective, efficient methods to achieve your wishes and goals, and to create your dream life.

The purpose of the Life Success Secrets Course is to show you the way to achieve your dreams: How to live a satisfying, fulfilling, peaceful, joyful life! I have a treasure trove of answers for you!

There is an awesome power in knowledge. The more you expose your mind and heart to high-level teachings and advanced knowledge, the more your life has the opportunity to blossom and flourish. Every day is a new day. Change it up and try something different. Grab this incredible gift with both hands. What are you waiting for? The time to invest in yourself and your future is now!

I have dedicated myself to four decades of searching and learning. I have read thousands of books and attended plenty of training courses and seminars. I have travelled the world and immersed myself in profound learning experiences. I have discovered the delicious cream that floats to the top! I have found awesome books (including my 12 books) that are at the apex of the learning pyramid! I have a ton of useful answers, helpful ideas, secrets, keys, pointers, techniques and tools.

That means you don’t have to waste precious time and money. Just sit back, turn the pages and learn, learn, learn! Absorb every bit of knowledge and information. Then apply it and watch your life unfold and blossom into something truly wonderful and fulfilling.

Read the Life Success Secrets Course with an open mind and heart. Put aside your current limiting beliefs and ideologies. Sometimes you have to let go to move forward!!

The Course covers a variety of life-focused topics, including: Health, Wealth, Business, Discovering The Magic of You, Reality Creation, Manifesting Your Dreams, Motivation, Work, Harmonising Your Life, Happiness, Love, Relationships, Tantra, Spirituality, Mysticism ... and more!!

You will need a blank notebook or journal to accompany the Life Success Secrets Course, as there are plenty of intriguing questions and engaging exercises to complete. You won't be just reading. You will be actively transforming your life over a few weeks!! You can personalize your journal and make it something special. Place a photo on the cover ... give it a title ... anything you like.

This moment is the beginning of the rest of your life!!

Let's manifest your dream reality!!
Stephen Shaw
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Secrets and Keys To Your Dream Life!!
Life Success Secrets Course
Thousands of my readers and clients asked me to write all my knowledge, secrets, keys and shortcuts into a Life Success Secrets Course! This Course is not available on my website, or Amazon, or at any other booksellers. It is only on offer right here! The Course offers practical, 'how-to' knowledge, secrets, techniques and tools based on real-world experience to radically change your life!! The Course covers many life-focused topics, including: Health, Wealth, Business, Discovering The Magic of You, Reality Creation, Manifesting Your Dreams, Motivation, Work, Harmonising Your Life, Happiness, Love, Tantra, Relationships, Spirituality, Mysticism and more! You will be actively transforming your life over a few weeks!
Life Success Secrets by Stephen Shaw
Special Gift - Free Book - Reflections
Reflections - Handbook for Spiritual Awakening
Yes!! I am giving you another of my 12 best-selling books absolutely FREE with the Life Success Secrets Course! Reflections offers mystical words for guidance, meditation and contemplation. Open this handbook for spiritual awakening and unwrap your daily inspiration. Unlike my other books, this is not a novel. You will discover one succinct spiritual teaching on each magical page. This book connects perfectly to your free book I Am! When I Am became a runaway bestseller, hundreds of readers asked me to draw a picture of Jay. So I created an artistic drawing of my beloved cosmic teacher on the cover of Reflections. Om Shanti.
Reflections by Stephen Shaw
"Babe, that's not Enough!"
My wife is looking over my shoulder and those are her sweet words.
Here's how our conversation goes ...
Cheyenne: We've both lived awesome lives, right? Surfed through the challenges of life and arrived at deep fulfilment, love, success and peace.
Stephen:    Uh huh ...
Cheyenne: You wrote Life Success Secrets to share your decades of accrued wisdom. To help others.
Stephen:    Yes.
Cheyenne: We believe that the Secret to Living is Giving. Service to others.
Stephen:    Absolutely.
Cheyenne: And we spoke of creating a legacy of LOVE. Our gift to the world.
Stephen:    I've already given my number one best-selling book I Am for free. And Reflections.
Cheyenne: That's not enough!
Stephen:    What do you propose?
Cheyenne: I will also offer my books for free.
Stephen:    Your expensive books are exclusive to your clients.
Cheyenne: All that truly matters in life is L-O-V-E.
Stephen:    Are you sure? That's a very generous gift.
Cheyenne: The offer will be your awesome Life Success Secrets Course plus 3 free books!
Stephen:    Wow! That is a fabulous offer.
Cheyenne: Why not give a 90% discount on your weekly Path To Ascension webinar?
Stephen:    Authenticity, Alignment to the Source, Service to Others ... right? 
Cheyenne: Babe, it's our legacy of LOVE.
Cheyenne's Gift - Fat Combat System Book
Fat Combat System Book
This book is another FREE GIFT with the Life Success Secrets Course! It ties in perfectly with the Health section of my Course. This modern, well-researched, tried-and-tested system will show you how to attain awesome health, increase your energy, lose weight and burn bodyfat. Ponder this: we are both in our 50's and have perfect health and vitality and sleek bodies. The Fat Combat System topics include: maximizing your motivation and emotional support, increasing your metabolic rate, foods that harm the body and store fat, optimal foods for health and vitality, macronutrient strategies, an awesome Eating Guide, cheat meals, trigger foods, breaking sugar addiction, healthy supplements, and maintaining your ideal weight.
Fat Combat System by Cheyenne Love
Cheyenne's Gift - My Fabulous Home Workout
My Fabulous Home Workout
This book is another FREE GIFT with the Life Success Secrets Course! This is a fabulous workout that brings together the best body sculpting and fat-burning strategies in one awesome home workout. Cheyenne innovated this brilliant workout and convinced me to try it with her a few months after we met. I was so blown away by the results that I promptly quit travelling to my sweaty, noisy, crowded gym. Twice a week we play our favorite high-energy music, and enjoy a stimulating workout that lasts 30-40 minutes. With her amazing system, you only exercise twice a week, briefly and intensely, in the comfort of your own home! This book contains principles, guidelines, stretches with photos, exercises with photos, and recommended workouts.
My Fabulous Home Workout by Cheyenne Love
Home Workout: Why commute to a sweaty gym or studio with expensive monthly subscriptions? Exercise in the comfort of your home. Synergy: The combination of optimal diet and exercise is the fastest, most effective way to change your body shape, lose weight and burn fat! The majority of people either overtrain or do not exercise at all. The secret is learning how often to exercise and which exercises are best to shape your body and burn fat. Less Is More: Why exercise 5 days per week when you can get better results by exercising 2 days per week? Why spend an hour exercising when thirty minutes is equally efficient? Why do 25 exercises when 15 can attain the same results? Natural Resistance: Your own bodyweight is the best resistance. You don't need weights and machines to build a lean, toned, attractive body. My Fabulous Home Workout is an awesome way to get fit, toned and melt body fat using selected top-tier, highly effective home exercises. It is not yoga or pilates. Functional Efficiency: Focus on what works, and achieve outstanding results in the easiest, quickest, most reliable manner. Easy To Use: My Fabulous Home Workout shares principles, strategies, stretches with photos, workout exercises with photos, as well as awesome secrets, techniques and tips to create the body of your dreams! Fun Before Boredom: Enjoy your exercises. Get them done. Then go and play!! Suitable For Everyone: For all genders and ages (from 14 years old and upwards). Ideal for those seeking to build a lean, toned, attractive body. 
Love yourself. Love your body. Love your health.
Bonus - Pathway To Ascension Webinar
When you purchase the offer below, you will be invited to my weekly Pathway To Ascension webinar. Here I share my deepest secrets and keys. It is a living, pulsating, high-frequency dissemination of knowledge, truth and love. My Pathway To Ascension webinar is not just about sacred teachings. I will do High-Resonance Transmissions during the webinar. Transmissions of High-Frequency Love, Light and Unity are the primary means of radical and profound transformation in a student/protege. I have walked the Path far ahead of you. Starting in childhood (see my biography) right through to today. I am immersed in the Truth. I know the Answers. And I will show you the mystical and metamorphic energy, rather than just disseminating words and dispersing ideology.

This planet is ending its final 25,920 cycle. It's an incredibly exciting time to be alive. It's a time of huge transition. There are now only two imminent paths ahead: Ascension or Remain Behind. You have the golden opportunity to graduate or remain behind and repeat the cycle. This is the Pathway To Ascension that is laid out before you. The choice is yours. I hope you will accept the invitation and shift your consciousness!

I will sometimes have a fabulous co-host at my webinar. A female energy master who gives Transmissions of the Divine Feminine and Crystal Dragon Energy. Those are exceptionally high frequencies of Love and Light. She is the most pure and powerful female energy master I have ever met on this Earth.

I hope to see you for 90 minutes every Saturday PST (California time).
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!!
  • ​Four Decades of Learning, Research, Experience
  • Guidance from a High-Consciousness Teacher
  • Awesome Pointers for Health, Wealth, Business
  • Discovering all Aspects and Dimensions of You
  • The Hidden Secret to Reality Creation (V.I.K.A.R)
  • ​The Powerful Keys for Awesome Reality Shifting
  • The Importance of Mind, Heart and Soul Nutrition
  • Letting Go, Moving Forward, Harmonising Your Life
  • ​​Secrets, Guidelines, Pointers to Love and Intimacy
  • The Truth about Ecstatic Tantra and Kundalini
  • Secrets and Keys to Spirituality and Mysticism
  • ​Plenty of Life-Changing Secrets and Shortcuts
  • ​Total Life-Transformation over a Few Weeks!
  • Reflections Book
  • ​Fat Combat System  (Value: $49)
  • ​My Fabulous Home Workout  (Value: $149)
  • Invitation to my Pathway To Ascension webinar
Total Value: $497
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Authenticity, Alignment, Service

Stephen Shaw
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